Netu' e liber ?

Luna: aprilie, 2007

Ce repede vine metroul.

Poza facuta vineri seara in statia de metrou de la Piata Victoriei.
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Prima poza este facuta sambata dimineata la Piata Iancului, cealalta la Victoriei.
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Metroul vine la 20 de minute plin ochi.
Autobuzul vine la alte 15 minute, va las sa va inchipuiti cum.

Uite ca nu sunt singurul care are problema asta….

Google Adsense si la mine

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Voi de ce sunteti nesimtite?

Noi barbatii putem fi acuzati de diverse lucruri si comportamente. Dar atunci cand va lasam sa treceti pe trotuar cand nu este loc decat de o persoana, cand va facem loc in metrou sa intrati inaintea noastra, cand tinem usa de la intrare sa va puteti ‘strecura’ inauntru …… voi de ce nu puteti sa zambiti si sa spuneti un simplu „Multumesc!” ?

The White Room

For those who are watching the show the room is quite familiar already. This is a teaser for those who are a little bit curious:
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Face it-You Just Can't!

Everyday, wherever I go, I hear the wonderful word ” Fuck”. It’s a pleasure for my ears to hear men, in general, using that word like five times a minute: ” I fucking did it”, ” I fucking showed them”,” I’m the fucking best”, ” I don’t give a fuck” etc.
Not taking phonic pollution into consideration, my mind can’t help thinking that they physically can’t fuck that much. I mean, how many times have you seen a man that fucks all night, not to say all the time? So, shut up and do it!

FUCK – A documentary on the expletive’s origin, why it offends some people so deeply, and what can be gained from its use.

The Freaks Come Out

Men are a very idiotic species. They want women to look nicely, to be fashionable, intelligent, to earn more money than they do, to have a career, to be good cooks, to clean the house and, of course, to be good in bed.
God forbid a woman doesn’t have time to take care of herself! No matter how much work a woman does and how little free time she has, her hair has to be perfect, her nails impecable, her complexion moisturised, and her face- a big happy smile.If not, she neglects herself, she doesn’t deserve to have a man.
A man that, at about 30, is already bold, has a big tummy, spends his time in pyjamas, drinks beer, watches football and beltches. What a Prince Charming!
Another important characteristic of men is their unity. When a woman has a flaw, no matter how little, they all observe it and comment upon it. If, instead, a man looks as if he has just come out of the pigsty, if he smells like he has never seen a soap in his life, if he wears baggy jeans that appear to be his grandfather’s, that is OK.
Get real!

My Boyfriend Is Shallow

This is the truth.No matter how you look at it, he is. He likes looking at pictures with sexy women. Quite normal, you say. That wouldn’t bother me so much , but, because he’s shallow, he expects every girl on the street to look the same- flawless make-up, flawless hair, perfect complexion.And when they don’t, he thinks it’s a kind of blasphemy. Shame on them! You would think that he has no idea that those pictures are professional, that those women have an army of make-up artists and stylists around them, that they spend hours to look like that.And when a poor housewife has a moustache, it’a catastrophic!

Unu cate unu va tirati.

Astazi, i-a venit randul lui Boris Elţîn.

TVR e inapoiat.

Pentru ca si-au schimbat site-ul dar actualizari … din parti.
Aveam impresia ca in dimineata asta este o noua cursa de formula 1, si am cautat binenteles pe site-ul tvr-ului. Cum programul lor porneste de undeva de la ora 7 dimineata, am crezut ca nu apare. Si mi-am zis…hai sa vedem ca poate apare in sectiunea „Sport live”. Si acolo am vazut ca se joaca Dinamo-Benfica Lisabona. Dau pe KanalD…Dinamo spulbera Rapidul cu 4-1.
Aici se duc banii mei ba cretinilor?
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PS: vad ca Zoso a scris si el de baietii astia care au platit cica 10.000 euro pentru site-ul minune. Jenant!

7 seconds

Nu, nu e vorba de melodia aia superba interpretata de Youssou N’Dour si Neneh Cherry.
Atat mi-au lipsit mie ca sa prind astazi metroul. Pentru prima data in ultimele 7 luni. Foarte neplacut.